Rostov Region

Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region

During many years Formika cooperates with the Investment Promotion Agency of Rostov Region and implements its most daring and unusual ideas.

Each stand is not just a workspace, it is a challenge to the political situation, economic issues and time.

Each stand has its bright, memorable image. The most relevant point is the general idea that can be traced in all stand elements. «The mechanical heart», «revived» Chekhov’s image, money tap, the contrast between a miniature city and a giant object that boggles the imagination – these are just a few installation elements that were implemented by our specialists. From the first sight it may seem that our clients require impossible projects, but there is nothing impossible for our professional team and the results often exceed all expectations.

Rostov Region’s expositions can amaze and delight or cause a protest and confusion. However, it leaves no one indifferent and challenges mind.