«UralChem» and «UralKali»

Expo World Exhibition 2017

Kazakhstan, Astana

During EXPO 2017 in Astana our company has developed a unique installation of energy portal for Russian partner companies «UralChem» and «UralKali».

The energy portal immediately transfers the visitor into the mine 450 m. deep. The energy of the earth-depths transforms into the energy of the future. «The Energy of the future» is the main topic of EXPO 2017 and is the general idea of the installation.

The inner surface of the tunnel is a single led screen with the area of 55 sq. m. Panoramic video sheds light on the companies’ productivity. Alternately, we can learn about technology of raw materials and fertilizer production, logistics processes and practical application of finished goods. Thus, the video reveals companies’ crucial mission – to provide countries with quality food and improve population living standards.