Sverdlovsk region

Innoprom 2011

Russia, Ekaterinburg

The international exhibition Innoprom had an ambitious high-tech project that represented the Sverdlovsk region. The spherical installation with a diameter of 12 meters was located on the large podium at the pavilion center and served as a global anchor point. The sphere had a single projection screen with an area of 300 sq.m.

Visitors could see an emotional video inside the installation. The video revealed reasons why citizens have chosen Sverdlovsk region for rest, life, study, business... Five minutes of multimedia content combined filming and animation technology based on interactive software. Thus, a video stream was generated in real time.

More information about region’s priority projects visitors could find on multi-touch screen outside the installation. Two screen projection units that were mounted under the podium provided its efficiency.

The individual screens took the lower perimeter of the base – media themed games and entertainment for young guests.

A sheer number of techniques and multimedia equipment required carefully thought-out air conditioning system.

This project was a global experience for our company. Despite the remoteness of the event it is still up-to-date.